Garage door 822

Garage door 822
I've been reworking the vintage garage door 822 and 823. There have already been one prior atempt to do this, but it wasn't going all the way and in my view, not correct. Using subfiles to create a two coloured assembly.

Here is my suggestion:


However, I have some questions to the allknowing community.
  • I want to renumber some of the existing subfiles. OK?
  • Should I "hide" all the Doors and Counterweights using a tilde, ~ in the beginning of their descriptions?
  • I want to use the Move to-files and give the new assemblies a better origin, in the rotation point of the hinges. OK?
  • Does my door 822c.dat exist in real life? I can't find any pictures of it.
  • What type of door is used in the assembly using the Counterweights with Dual Pins? With or without a rear cross?
  • Is it correct that Bricklink part BB300 is used on both sides in some parts? I think it isn't. I think I can see left/right sided versions, without hingepin, in these assemblies.
  • Bricklink seems to suggest an all solid part, 823cl, but its not placed in any set number. Does it exist?
link to Bricklink
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