Operating on multiple parts

RE: Operating on multiple parts
(2017-12-27, 2:38)Michael Horvath Wrote: Is it possible to apply the same rotations on more than one part at the same time? E.g. rotate each part around the y axis by 90 degrees for instance, but not around a common center but around each part locally. Can this be done in MLCAD?

You can do this in my LDCad if you not afraid of an adventure in scripting.

edit: using this script:
function onRotInsRun()
 local sf=ldc.subfile()
 if sf:isLinked() then
   local sel=ldc.session():getSelection()

   local ori=ldc.matrix()

   for i=1,sel:getRefCount() do
     local ref=sel:getRef(i)

function register()

 local ani=ldc.macro('Rotate instances')
 ani:setEvent('run', 'onRotInsRun')

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