Question about Shock Absorber Damped

Question about Shock Absorber Damped
So, I noticed that the library contains 2 versions of 'Shock Absorder 10L Damped':
  • 32181c02, trans-clear housing
  • 32181c04, trans-blue housing
These parts are opposite of how other LDraw spings (shortcuts) work. For all other springs, the housing has a variable color while the spring part is hardcoded. For these two springs however, things are the other way around. The housing color is hardcoded and the spring part is variable. Hence also the need for two shortcuts instead of one.

Isn't it more logical to remove those two shortcuts and create a new shortcut where the spring is hardcoded (black) and the housing is variable. It's way more logical when giving the part a color and it's more in line with the other springs.

I hope that makes senseĀ  Shy
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