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Hi Roland. Even I respect the fact you like working on your own GUI, I want to tell you my 'secret, selfish POV': I believe the situation changed during time you worked on the version 1.6. You came with many new ideas about scripting etc. that, I believe, you have completely new view on the representation of the data model and the capabilities the model should have, compared to what you started with, say, in LDCAD 1.0. (And maybe you have an idea how to allow us even something more like basics of mechanics in SR3DBuilder style?) And this is what I, as a user, am looking forward to. This is what I call a reason for 'LDCAD 2.0'.
From this POV, the own GUI (engine) is a priority 0.00001 - pop-up windows are rendered by GTK or what even today, AFAIK. So, from my, user, selfish POV, I'd like if you saved all that time of GUI work and concentrated on what you know the best, the ldraw editing. To be clear: I mean GUI engine, there is still a lot of work on the design of the application itself, of course. Some ideas are already presented in this thread and I support them: add a search box for colors etc.
I'm sorry if this is something different than what you wanted to hear Smile But I really believe the value of LDCAD is in what it 'knows to do'. And if its GUI will be more 'OS standard', we get several advantages at the same time: your time saved for working on LDCAD functionality, people not surprised by the app look&feel, GUI features you can't have time to implement them all (KDE, GTK etc. are developed for years, in big teams of people).
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