Missing parts from Set 40174: LEGO® Iconic Chess Set

Missing parts from Set 40174: LEGO® Iconic Chess Set
For reference, here's a link to the set on the LEGO Shop:

I had built one of the pieces (the Black King), exported the model to LDraw format, and I used this Import Plugin to bring it into Blender:
LDraw Importer for Blender

There were pieces missing from the model after import so I am guessing they were not in the LDraw Library.  So I went through the Build instructions, and created a model containing 1 of every type of brick in the set. Did the same process, exported it to LDraw, and then imported it into Blender.  There were 9 bricks missing:

Part #
(Design ID)                     Description

15470                              1X1 DECORATION TOP NO. 1
98100                              2X2 ROUND,SLOPE BRICK W. KNOB
14719                              FLAT TILE CORNER 1X2X2
14769                              FLAT TILE 2x2, ROUND
11211                              BRICK 1X2 W. 2 KNOBS
26604                              BRICK 1X1, W/ 2 KNOBS, CORNER
17715(LDD ID: 87994)      SHAFT 3M Ø3.2
15068                              PLATE W. BOW 2X2X2/3
11477                              PLATE W. BOW 1X2X2/3

The Shaft has 2 IDs, the first one(17715) is the one they have for it on their Parts website now, and the LDD ID(87994) is the one that the LEGO Digital Designer has for it. 

EDIT: OK, now I am confused, because I was using LDCAD, and I found ALL of the above parts in the library. However I'm not sure why they aren't appearing in my LDraw model if they are in the library. They don't even appear if I open the model in LDView... something is not working somewhere...

EDIT 2: OK, upon further digging about the LDraw stuff - I found that the LDraw exporter in the Digital Designer isn't the greatest - because it was the fault of my missing pieces that I listed. It just didn't include them in the model when it was exported.  I know this because I tried re-importing the resulting Export right back into Digital Designer - and you'd think they'd be there, in the software it came from - but they were missing in there, too. I think I know why though.  I was able to use the blender importer, and import the missing pieces directly with their .dat files. I found that all the missing pieces were made of multiple meshes. And I don't think that the exporter supports those.  So I'd be willing to bet, that if they were re-created, as a single mesh, then they would work.
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