Adding new option to LSynth

RE: Adding new option to LSynth
(2017-07-05, 9:20)Philippe Hurbain Wrote:
Quote:I managed to design the .dat file by modify LS70.dat and save it as LS72.dat. Now, i would like to add the new option whenever i am using the MLCad.
For the record - Wedo 2 cable segment exists in LDraw official library as u9218.dat

Maybe you should give a try to LDCad? cable creation is sooo easier than with MLCad/Lsynth combo... see my Milo model here:

Hi Philo,

I did not know there is an official library exist for Wedo 2 cable segment. Thank you so much to let me know that but since i modify it already might as well using it.

I will give a try to LDCad but there is a lot to learn. I am creating the model to be converted to LPub3d with help of "BUFEXCHG". Is that possible to do with LDCad or there is anyway similar to "BUFEXCHG" for LDCad?

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