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A.I. Assistant for Pattern Design?
Did you ever dreamed about a possibility to convert a 2D scan into a pattern? Well, there was a converter implementation*, but it was impractical and I removed it completely.

Lately, I did some advanced research on imaging and neural networks.

First of all, there are some limitations... It is not possible to just load a 32bit raw image and covert it into perfect triangles, because of

  1. "garbage in -> garbage out", if your input file is blurry, noisy, has a low resolution or has some undesired artifacts, low contrast, printing errors etc.
  2. Perfect corners / orthogonality / symmetry / parallel lines: It is not trivial to decide if a geometry isn't organic (e.g. street signs or control panel patterns)
  3. Colour palette: It is not trivial to classify the colour palette of your pattern.
  4. Scope of detail and relevancy: It is not trivial to determine how much detail is needed in all areas of the picture. Maybe some area is not relevant for the pattern at all.
However... instead of writing a raster image to triangle converter, I would rather implement...
  • ...an A.I.-Assistant which will suggest two triangles after you inserted one triangle (~200% increase in productivity) and/or
  • ...an SVG-to-triangle-converter (like svg2dat)
  • ...a Lines2Pattern clone.
Vector graphics are very cool, because they are well-defined. There was svg2dat, but now it is forgotten.

Any thoughts??

The following pattern was created by an A.I.:

* (proof - search for "Projet automatique à partir d'image Bitmap")
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