Referencing primtives from primitives

Referencing primtives from primitives
Hello all,

I was playing with 'overriding' the stud primitive for HQ povray exports when I noticed some part not using the replacement primitive.

I did the override using a second library tree containing only a p/stud.dat file and place it at the top in the LDCad search order.

Problem is with parts using stud grids (e.g. stug-3x3.dat) the stud.dat is still used as those files reference "stud.dat" without the leading "p/" dictating a program should first look inside the same folder as the referring part.

So my question/observation shouldn't parts inside "p/" also use "p/stud.dat" as a reference in order to maintain consistency?

EDIT: Never mind I was confusing "s/" with "p/" so there is no clean way to override them Sad
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