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(2017-03-15, 22:37)Jetro de Château Wrote:
(2017-03-14, 11:53)Merlijn Wissinkd.ini, but the parts don\t turn up in LDCad or LPub for that matter. Wrote: I'm using those exact same helper parts without any problems in my instructions (using LDCad and LPub3D). I downloaded the arrows from holly-wood.it and then placed them in my unofficial files folder. From there everything worked fine.

The problem might be that you put them in unofficial/helper. I believe (but don't qoute me on that) LDCad and LDView don't look into subfolders. So either add unofficial/helper as a (2nd) unofficial library in LDCad/LDView (if you use LDView as renderer in LPub3D) or just put the parts in the root unofficial parts folder.

I followed your advice and now I can see the arrow in both LDCad and LDView. Oddly though, even though I have LDView selected as render engine in LPub, I don't get the arrow there.

The current version of LDView doesn't properly save the "Extra Search Directories" list. So, if you add something to that list and then load a model, it will find things from the directory you added. But if you exit LDView and reopen the same model, it won't. Since LPub3D runs a unique instance of LDView in hidden fashion, the "Extra Search Directories" list doesn't work. This will be fixed in the next LDView release. Right now, you can create an ldraw.ini file and add directories in there, although I'll have to investigate to figure out how specifically to do that. Let me know if you were trying to use "Extra Search Directories".

Anyone else who wants to pipe in with ldraw.ini instructions is welcome to do so.
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