[LDPartEditor] 0.8.28 Beta Released (local/global transformation, col. 16, merge)

RE: Desktop entry for LDPE on Ubuntu Linux?
(2017-04-22, 14:18)Nils Schmidt Wrote:
  1. Adjust the path within the txt-files to match your installation directory (where the ".jar" file is located, Path=..., e.g. /home/username/LDPartEditor)
  2. Remove the ".txt" file ending (ldpe.desktop.txt -> ldpe.desktop and ldpeupdater.desktop.txt -> ldpeupdater.desktop)
  3. Copy the ".desktop" files into the /home/your_user_name/.local/share/applications folder
  4. Copy the ".png" files into the /home/your_user_name/.local/share/icons folder

Did, but who do I get them on the desktop? I copied it from the applications folder to the Desktop but it doesn't show up even if I remove the hidden feature. Recopying tells me that the file is already there.  


PS. Why is there such a huge difference on the primitive icons? On linux you can tell what prims are shown while you cannot at all on Windows?

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