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RE: [LDPartEditor] select filter
(2017-05-22, 14:52)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Another issue with select filter...
How do I select only one, single vertex on a surface, when I have two, or more, adjacent surfaces.
I want to grab that single vertex, and move it away from the other one.
As a user I want to select a single vertex in the Text Editor, click on Show Selection in 3D view, and move that vertex in the 3D Editor with the Manipulator.

Select a quad in the 3D Editor, look at it in the Text Editor, Select the vertex in the 3D Editor, and let the Sync Edit show which vertex it is.
Turn of both Move Adjacent (in 3D) and Sync Edit (in Text Edit) and edit the vertex in the Text Editor. Grab it in 3D Edit and move it.
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