[LDPartEditor] 0.8.28 Beta Released (local/global transformation, col. 16, merge)

RE: [LDPartEditor] Edge line intersection?
(2017-02-24, 19:09)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Something I miss is a tool that creates vertex on line intersection...

I am working on it! (issue #505)

Oh well... I'm tired... Sad After I did some testing, I thought that there was an implementation mistake whithin the new local/global rotation and scaling feature...
Local rotate and scale did not work as I expected, but I did not realize that I simply forgot to modify the pivot point during the regression test (everything is as it should be).
You can see that I hit the panic button too early when you take a look at the history of issue #505 Wink I turned literally a bug into a feature Big Grin

Today I closed issue #504, too ("Set x/y/z" should set the origin of subfiles and primitives to x/y/z).
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