LPub3D - POV-Ray rendering quality

RE: LPub3D - POV-Ray rendering quality
(2017-01-27, 19:15)Merlijn Wissink Wrote: I thought LDView was kind of 'abandoned'. Cool you're still working on it!  Smile
I did say that the last version would probably be the last version when I released it. However, I was persuaded by various people to add a few new features and do at least one more release.

(2017-01-27, 19:15)Merlijn Wissink Wrote: Maybe a bit off-topic, but this reminded me: LDView doesn't handle touch-screens very well. At least the zooming is very weird. When zooming by pinching two fingers, instead of zooming in/out, it looks like its cutting away (or adding) 'layars' of the model. It's a bit difficult to explain, if you want I can make some screenshorts. 
Long story short, it's not possible to zoom using touchscreens, although it does make some cool screenshots  Tongue

I know not really a big deal (how many are using LDView on a touchscreen), but I still wanted to notify you about it.

That's very strange, but probably not something that will get fixed. Normally, cutaway is done by zooming in while holding down the control key, so that implies that Windows is claiming that the control key is down while you perform a pinch. That seems very odd.
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