LPub3D - POV-Ray rendering quality

RE: LPub3D - POV-Ray rendering quality
(2017-01-27, 17:04)Kevin Wrote: I've also been working on a way to have LPub3D use LDView for exporting POV files.  I've had some moderate success, but it's pretty klugey.  Since I figured out the L3P issue, there is no longer the same level of urgency to pursuing this route.

The next release of LDView (which hopefully will happen in the not too distant future) will support command line POV exports. Trevor has already tested this with custom developer builds of LDView, and will support it in LPub3D once the next LDView becomes available. Having said that, I suspect it will use the same -ca and -cg settings in LDView that it currently does in L3P. Those command line options were added to LDView specifically to make it easier for people and software used to using them in L3P.
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