LDCad 1.6 Beta 1 (win+linux)

RE: LDCad 1.6 Beta 1 (win+linux)
(2017-01-30, 8:21)Milan Vančura Wrote: bug: LDCad exits with exitcode 255 and without any message on the screen if it found the lock file (after previous segfaulted LDCad run).
Did it crash while working or could it be similar to the Windows shutdown bug Philo mentions below? Do you mean the single instance/ipc lock file(s) in /tmp or ~ ?

(2017-01-30, 8:21)Milan Vančura Wrote: * as I wrote earlier, I wish the hotkey settings window checking if the same hotkey is not already assigned in the same "category" (how to call it? I mean that some "same" hotkeys are not in conflict, the same hotkey does actionA in partbin subwindow and actionB in the main edit window).

* for the same reason, I'd like to have actions in the hotkey settings winow sorted by those "categories"

* actions for calling (sub)menus have long ("poetic" Smile) names now and are spread among other actions. I'd like to have them together and clearly named: "Menu: File", "Menu: View -> Editing views" and so.

They are currently sorted in processing order, I figured that makes the most sense as keys belonging together will be in order. The problem with the "menu: file -> *" approach is 'actions' can be used in multiple places. Maybe I should add an extra column with a short subgroup name e.g. 'gen editing', 'grouping', etc.

I did make one improvement in Beta 2 you asked for though, key sampling Smile

(2017-01-30, 8:21)Milan Vančura Wrote: * new scripting extensions/objects documented, of course. Including example scripts, the best Smile
API reference will be updated once I completed them in their final state (which it probably is with Beta 2).

(2017-01-30, 8:21)Milan Vančura Wrote: * object "snap object" accessible from scripts and visible (like after pressing F11) and selectable by user. To be able to write a script making triangles without asking the user for adding extra axles etc. Also for setting the part rotation point etc.
I've been thinking about accessing snap info through script, it isn't even that intrusive to existing code I think even so if you only need position and rotation (not any of the other connection type depended properties.)
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