Help a noob start designing elements

RE: Help a noob start designing elements
(2016-12-06, 19:10)Giorgos Solomonidis Wrote: As title says guys, I use mlcad το create my digital models, and povray to render them, and from time to time I ask your help to design a new element thats not in the database yet (and you helped me everytime I asked)

Thing is I want to start designing .dat files for my own custom elements.

Can you point me where/what to read? and a basic workflow? which programs I should use in order to achieve this?

Thanks a lot


years ago I wrote this short article:

which might gives you some basics but nowadays we use a tool Nils has written for this very exclusive club:

A stub of a tutorial can be found here:

I case you're fluent in French don't miss:

Hope this helps, w.
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