LPub Background Picture issue

RE: LPub Background Picture issue
(2016-11-06, 1:36)Steve Wrote: Hi,

For some time i've tried to work out why in LPub, I cannot use the option under: Configuration - Page Setup - Background - Picture. I select an image from my pictures folder but it either hangs the system or greys out the page entirely. Is there a format / size that the picture needs to comply with? I am using Windows 7 Home. Everything else works well, I can add borders etc, I am using LPub

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kindest regards

Hi Steve,

I do not recall exactly, but I think that function is broken in LPub
Neither does it support all image formats. What do you uses? PNG, JPG, BMP?

Furthermore I'd advice you to take a look at LPub3D. It has many more features and is constantly under development.
LPub is no longer updated.

Jaco van der Molen
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