6010-1 - Supply Wagon [Castle, Lion Knights]

RE: 6010-1 - Supply Wagon [Castle, Lion Knights]
(2016-11-05, 14:23)Philippe Hurbain Wrote:
Quote:I'm a newbie so go gentle..!
Welcome here Wink
Nice little model...
I indeed found a few quirks:
- The plates below the peasant are not properly aligned, same thing for the hammer and the spear.
- The right arm collides with the spear. I guess that in real life flexibility allows this. Here I solved the problem by raising the arm.
All this can be very easily fixed using LDCad snapping feature. If you are not yet too intoxicated with MLCad I suggest you give it a try Wink   (http://www.melkert.net/LDCad)
Now the most annoying issue: as assembled the shield heavily collides whith the red chest, and I see no real solution so I guess it's again a model that rely on flexibility... I checked LDraw model of the shield, it matches very well LDD model so hopefully the part itself is OK. To make it fit I put the shield on the bottom of the clip - but that's clearly not what appears in the BIs.

Hi Phillipe,

Many thanks for the reply. I'm still getting to grips with MLCad but will also take a look at LDCad. I have made the adjustments (I lowered the arm in the end) on the model below:
6010-1 - Supply Wagon
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