Mirroring models?

RE: Mirroring models?
(2016-11-02, 5:39)Michael Horvath Wrote: Is there a tool I can use to mirror a model across an axis? I couldn't find such a command in MLCad.


It's my annual Christmas holiday catchup on ldraw, so I'd like to hijack this thread just a bit late and talk about the good ole days.  I hope that's ok.

A long time ago, in a forum far, far away we dreamed up a tool to do just this.  But that forum eventually fell from favor and many ideas both good and not so good were lost.  This link is from somewhere near the end of a long, and interesting discussion on the topic of mirroring ldraw models.  There were other such discussions in the CAD and MLCAD groups.


I'm not sure which bucket mirwiz falls into, but it's out there, with some fairly simple C code.  The basic idea is to maintain a mirror.ini file that tells how to mirror via a rotation or part substitution for all the parts in ldraw library.  The  mirror.ini file in the zip archive was up to date as of sometime in 2004.  It should be self documenting if you read the comments at the top.


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