Lpub3d crashes when trying to open mpd

RE: Lpub3d crashes when trying to open mpd
(2016-10-28, 12:38)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: I hope that Trevor will be able to cast some light here, but it seems that the problem is related to the minimal header of each submodel in your file.
Problem solved...

Good to see that this behaviour is resolved. I took a look at the LPub3D code but could not specifically find the source of this behaviour. 

I tested the file with 21 submodels and noticed the segfault is thrown when LPub3D encounters subModel-13_subsub.ldr during the routine that count the model file's pages. SubModel-13_subsub.ldr is a sub model of subModel-12.ldr which in turn is a sub model of main.ldr. Even with only the FILE header, this configuration should work but I am also reproducing this crash so there is a problem.

While I believe the root cause is likely coming from an LPub3D routine, the segfault (crash) is actually thrown from deep in the Qt stack starting at my Qt progress bar call. So basically we have an issue with Qt here. At this moment, I don't know what I can do to fix because I don't see any problem with my progress bar call.

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