lpub3d with povray not working

RE: lpub3d with povray not working
(2016-10-21, 9:22)linghank Wrote: I cancel LGEO folder After that, it can work.now,i want to know how to make high quality instruction。The default settings render the picture quality is not good。

I have found it difficult to generate good-looking instructions using POV-Ray as the default rendering engine--primarily because the default lighting yields unsatisfactory results.  My solution was to write a quick-and-dirty Python front-end to L3P that strips out the "-ld" (default lighting) option and adds a "-il" (insert lighting file) pointing to my own POV-Ray lighting definitions. You can then create the lighting definitions that best illuminate your model. There is probably no need to use area lights or radiosity for rendering instructions, unless you have a very powerful computer and lots of spare time.

import sys
from subprocess import call

args = sys.argv[:]
# print (args)

if '\\' in args[0]:
   args[0] = args[0][:args[0].rfind('\\')+1] + 'L3P.EXE'
elif '/' in args[0]:
   args[0] = args[0][:args[0].rfind('/')+1] + 'L3P.EXE'
   args[0] = 'L3P.EXE'
if '-ld' in args:

args.insert(1, '-ilC:\\LEGO_Stuff\\POVlights.pov')

# print (args)


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