How to use LEGO EV3 Core and Expanded Set with LDCad

RE: How to use LEGO EV3 Core and Expanded Set with LDCad
(2017-01-12, 0:34)Roland Melkert Wrote:
(2017-01-08, 22:53)Walt White Wrote: To All,

My apologies for not paying attention to this Forum.  I got involved in day-to-day classroom activities and should have checked back.  I'm sorry.

I also lost the ability to host static files on  I've been a Comcast customer for twenty years, but they stopped offering to host anything so I found Altervista and it looked fine and I linked to it.  Turns out their Terms of Service say they will archive any site that doesn't get 100 page visits per week.   So it went "dark."

I have a new hosting solution and will also keep experimenting with how the attachments work in this Forum.  I'll update or edit or replace my previous post.


If you want I could put a copy of it on the LDCad site, as I'm working on a third party tools/extensions page. I'll need a zip (or 7z) file and a short description etc. I could also just host a link to your new storage location. You'll be full credited of course.
Hi Roland,

I've edited and updated the original thread with (hopefully) persistent links.

The zip file is hosted at:
A description would be: "Kit 45544 — all kit pieces in one part bin, plus a six bin arrangement grouped by types."

When I click that link from this Forum, my Chrome browser on Win10 automatically downloads it to my Downloads folder.

I'm trying the Google Sites method of hosting data files.  One option in Sites for a new page is "File Cabinet" which is what I want so I can just store files there.  The only way to see all the images and files in this topic is to go to:

Although..... I'm totally in thrall to Google for my phone, email, calendar, contacts, maps, Google+, everything.  So I can't tell if what I can see is because I'm automatically logged in across the Google empire, and other people can't see it.  I hope it's public.

You're welcome to host anything of mine on your excellent site.  And I would definetely remove the space in the zip file's name and find some other way than "Walt" to distinguish this data from the data that is installed by the AIOI or any other installation process.  It was a quick and easy technique for me but not such a good idea for other people who might be better served by using something like "Custom" or even the Windows convention "MyParts."

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