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RE: [LDPartEditor] wrong collinear detection threshold?
(2016-09-23, 17:29)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Clearly this issue won't prevent me from sleeping! But I fail to understand why LDPE is able to calculate the right angle value for protractor but not for collinearity check ?!?

Well, I took a deeper look and have to admit that LDPE's collinearity detection for quads is not compliant to the file format restrictions for the official library...
I created an issue for this.
Let me explain why:

Normally, you would calculate the inner angles of the quad to detect collinearity.
However, in 2012, I decided to do some things different and I calculated the angles relative to the point D.
I also computed the diagonal vector DB for some reasons I do not understand.
The current implementation detects collinearity somehow, but it does not detect if an interior angle is not between 0.025° and 179.9°!
This is hilarious! I will correct this ;)

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