[LDPartEditor] 0.8.24 Beta Released (Rounding per X,Y,Z / bugfix)

RE: [LDPartEditor] wrong collinear detection threshold?
(2016-09-23, 14:38)Nils Schmidt Wrote: This is interesting...
In this case, LDPE calculates the wrong angle, but nevertheless, I would split this quad into two triangles Wink
I doubt that I am able to correct this to clone the exact behaviour of LDDP or Datheader.
I tried a few things to change the angle calculation, but none of them gave me "better" results.

As long as LDPE does not allow values above the specification limit I might be free to leave it as it is.
Numerics..., what else could I say... Big Grin
Clearly this issue won't prevent me from sleeping! But I fail to understand why LDPE is able to calculate the right angle value for protractor but not for collinearity check ?!?
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