[LDPartEditor] 0.8.24 Beta Released (Rounding per X,Y,Z / bugfix)

[LDPartEditor] Merge/split->Set X,Y,Z / negative value entry
Wishes of the day...

Very, very often when I use Merge/split->Set X,Y,Z function I end up collapsing all vertices to a single point because I forget to uncheck 2 coordinates...
  - As a user, I'd like that all three coordinates be unchecked when this dialog opens. Ideally, the coordinates where I type in a value should become active.

It is difficult to type in values in all dialog windows.
  - As a user, I want to be able to type in negative value easily. If I key in 12.54, I get the correct value. If I key in -12.54, I get 1.2.54 (two times wrong since "value" is positive, and with extra decimal separator). (major issue)
  - As a user, I'd like that existing value becomes selected when I click in a field, ready to be wiped out. of course, clicking again at some position in the field should place the insertion cursor there. (annoying but I can live with this...)
  - As a user, I'd like to be able to key in .54 instead of 0.54 (this one is really minor!).

Selection of values in text window could be improved too...
  - As a user I'd like double click on a decimal number to select the whole value, including integer part, decimal part, decimal separator and minus sign if any.
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