[LDPartEditor] 0.8.23 Beta Released (Context menus / LDU->stud / Async header check)

[Bug] Set X,Y,Z works only with one single vertex.
(2016-09-01, 13:22)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Sorry to disturb you from your (useful!) documentation work, but it seems there is a problem now with 0.8.23: the Merge/split->Set X,Y,Z window appears only with a single vertex selection, it no longer works on a multiple selection (eg. to snap a selection on a plane).
(tried with 0.8.21, the oldest version still available on github, it has the same problem. But I am sure it used to work!)

Thank you for this bug report! :)
I already fixed this issue (it took only 30 minutes).

I will release 0.8.24 in the next days (which will feature a little bit faster program start and a few bug fixes).
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