Getting 'group' into a submodel

RE: Getting 'group' into a submodel
(2016-08-18, 16:37)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Well, I don't know if this answers exactly your question, but in LDCad you may create a submodel from parts in the main model using this method:
- select all the parts you want to move to submodel
- right click -> reorganize -> move to subfile

That worked. Thanks. Interestingly enough. I discovered the option to move to a submodel doesn't work until at least one exists.

The file was an LDR so it won't provide the option to create a submodel in the mpd since it's not an mpd.
The solution is to add one empty submodel which converts the ldr to an mpd and then the function works.

Thanks for your response Philippe.
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