LPub3D 1:1 part representation feature

LPub3D 1:1 part representation feature
For an upcoming release of LPub3D, I would like to enable the ability to insert 1:1 part representations such as depicted below.

.png   OneToOne.png (Size: 4.99 KB / Downloads: 113)

My design idea is to render 1:1 parts relative to the selected LPub3D page units (centimeters or inches). This feature would only apply to Technic axles, beams, liftarms and some gears.

My requests for information are:

1. Is there any place I can find the size dimensions for the part types indicated above  - in mm, in or LDU ?
2. If this information is not available, is anyone willing to provide this information - for example a part author who may have this information on hand ?

Many thanks in advance.

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