LDCad 1.6 Alpha 4 (win+linux)

RE: LDCad 1.6 Alpha 4 (win+linux)
(2016-11-22, 20:37)Roland Melkert Wrote:
(2016-11-22, 19:49)Merlijn Wissink Wrote: I think I found a bug or something like that in LDcad 1.5 and LDcad 1.6 alpha 4.

Part 1 is actually the way it should behave I think (it's been a long time since I setup the base viewing system Smile  )

The reason it first picks top or bottom is because it initializes the 2d state based on the 3d view when first switched. After that it remembers the last 2d state for that plane.

You could also use shift+v if you want to enter a 2D view as closely possible to the current 3d view.

Part 2 definitely is a bug though, but  it doesn't crash for me. Are you keeping down the v key so it continuously switches 2d/3d ?

Edit: or are you on Linux?

Hmm, I see. I didn't knew about shift+v, but now I've seen that one in action, it does sound a lot more logical. Still, it feels weird when I'm looking at the bottom in 3d view, press v and suddenly I'm at the top (same for other sides).

Regarding the crash: no, I was not keeping V pressed. Just pressing it a bunch of times makes it crash (not even ridiculous fast, just pressing a bit). I have no idea what the requirements are for making it crash, but I tested it in 2 different models and was able to reproduce it every time in those 2 models. I tried it in a new file with 1 single part and I couldn't make it crash, but that doesn't mean it wasn't going to crash at some point, maybe I just hadn't pressed V enough times. That's difficult to say, I have so little information about it  Confused 

And, I'm on Windows 10 Pro 64bit.

EDIT: maybe I should count the times I press V before it crashes to see if it is a constant (per model).
EDIT2: nope, couldn't find any constant value Sad
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