[LDPartEditor] 0.8.20 Beta Released

Divider position not saved.
(2016-08-02, 11:26)Willy Tschager Wrote: * As a user I'd like to have icons to quickly "fullscreen" either the Text or 3D editor and a third icon which restores the divided view:
* As a user I'd like to have the position of the divider between Text and 3D editor saved so that at start-up I do not have to move it to my preferred position every time

Thanks! I created some tickets (#398, #397).

Quote:* As a user I'd like that issue https://github.com/nilsschmidt1337/ldpar...issues/120 gets high priority
* As a user I'd like that issue https://github.com/nilsschmidt1337/ldpar...issues/118 gets high priority

Well, as a product owner, I am in control of the backlog. I will decide when issue #120 and issue #118 will be fixed... not you, Willy Smile

50 issues are open.
I closed in total 348 issues, implemented 156 features and fixed 185 bugs on my own (LDPE has about 115.000 lines of code).
I have to set my priorities to continue the good and solid work on this project.

Instead of spamming new buttons on the GUI, I should provide options to make the GUI more customizable and I really should write more text on the wiki.
Every significant change to the GUI makes it harder to plan my wiki writing tasks... I need up-to-date screenshots from the GUI for the wiki.
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