Thoughts on LDCad 1.6 Mirrori feature

RE: Thoughts on LDCad 1.6 Mirror feature
(2016-07-26, 11:26)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: I guess technic panels (and other parts?) could be recycled through PT to add a "left"/"right" to description. But is it really worth the trouble?
...and what about a mirroring tool for flexible parts? That's something I long for (even more than a generic mirror build tool)!

If the description has left/right with otherwise exactly the same text they will be detected automatically. This is only true for one pair of panels though, I added a meta in the shadow library for the others though.

I managed to set this up so you only have to add the meta to one when the other one uses negative mirroring in a higher .dat. In that case it will automatically cross reference them.

Flexible parts will also mirror their control points etc, basically anything with a matrix and / or reference can be mirrored.

ps: what do you mean with 'mirror build too'? I hope you are not expecting realtime mirroring, this only mirrors the selection or the whole subfile cross the x,y or z (relative grid) axis.
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