Rotation Problem in LDCad

RE: Rotation Problem in LDCad
(2016-07-16, 17:48)Darren Carlson Wrote: I've attached the mpd so you can mess with it and understand the problem.

Edit Bunk_V2.
You'll see submodel Bunk_Wall_Rear2 in there. Notice how it's rotation is out of whack. Even with 1deg rotation, I can't get this part to line up correctly.

I think the problem is actually in the subfile itself. I think I got the rotation all whacky in there while creating it. And it probably goes all the way back to Cab_Wall_Rear which I duplicated to create Bunk_Wall_Rear.

Is there a way to select all of the parts and "center" everything in 3 dimensions?

Hello Darren,

It seems that submodel (and some things in the main model as well) is experiencing some rounding / accumulation errors.

Usually this will be hardly noticeable and is quite common in LDraw (and LDD just look inside those xml's) models (especially when building using part snapping) but there are ways to prevent / fix it.

warning this can become an obsession Smile

The best way is to keep an eye on coordinates from the get go, try to keep them rounded to 20's in the x and z direction and 8's for height (this is the stud/plate resolution)

This is why the x,y,z panel is always visible (by default) in LDCad

You could also use the source window to spot problem parts early as once one is wrong part snapping will build on that with the next part etc etc.

The followeling hotkeys are you best freind:

home  (round position on grid)
shift+home (round position on all axis')
ctrl+home (reset the orientation)
shift+c (move selection to 0,0,0)

First disable part snapping if it's enabled as snapping large parts might be very slow and annoying.
Select the main part in the bunk, probably Bunk_Base_V2.ldr -> shift+c-> ctrl+home
Then rotate it as needed.
Select the next big part -> shift+home -> ctrl+home
Then move it to the base plate in it's correct position. (if your pc is fast enough you could enable part snapping for this).

Disable snapping again (shift+p) if needed.
Repeat this for all the parts.
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