LDCad, submodels and mpd's

RE: LDCad, submodels and mpd's
(2016-07-15, 16:18)RolandĀ Melkert Wrote:
(2016-07-15, 2:17)DarrenĀ Carlson Wrote: This has become entertaining talking to myself. Smile
I manually added it to the mpd in notepad++. Cut and paste and stick the 1 FILE at the beginning and 1 NOFILE at the end and now it works.
Not elegant but it worked.
LDraw works with references, it basically doesn't matter what is referenced (a part or model) as technically there is no real difference between a ldr, mpd and dat file.

With LDCad I do make a distinction between model and part but that's purely for user comfort / rendering speed purposes.

Like you discovered if you want the target file to become part of the mpd you have to copy it into it, in 1.6 this can be done through the new 'embed' feature but in 1.5 there is no way of doing that apart from copy pasting the entire model content into a new submodel.

Thanks for reporting the file close bug, I'll look into that.

You're welcome. And once again, thanks for making this excellent tool.
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