[LDPartEditor] 0.8.16 Beta Released

RE: [LDPartEditor] 0.8.16 Beta Released (deselection of construction tools / bug fix)
  • ...benefit from automatically deselection of a construction tool (create quad/line/triangle...), if you select a modification tool (select/move/rotate etc...)
  • ....use a shortkey to move the manipulator to the selection center (the "A" key)
Great, thanks for both!

Quote:...use linear interpolation for a complete vertex selection with the "Move On Line" feature
A looong time ago you promised to explain how to use this feature... that would be appreciated Wink

Quote:Invalid parsing of 0 BFC INVERTNEXT (the parser implementation was wrong)
Much better! but if you hide a primitive preceded by an INVERTNEXT, this INVERTNEXT remains active and inverts all elements (including triangle/quads) until an other primitive is encountered (and this one is inverted too).

Quote:"Conditional Control Point Vertices" caused flickering on multiple views.
Never noticed that before, but now I do see flickering vertices on some parts (23800 wheel) in single view.

Quote:Flipping two triangles was only possible with a different triangle colour than colour 16.
...and how am I supposed to do this?
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