LPub3D 2.0 - "Failed to create CSI" - Empty PDF

RE: LPub3D 2.0 - "Failed to create CSI" - Empty PDF
(2016-06-28, 23:24)David Manley Wrote:
(2016-06-28, 14:06)Trevor Sandy Wrote:
(2016-06-27, 8:43)David Manley Wrote: Two questions;
a) any suggestions as to what might be causing the "Failed to create CSI" dialog window and
b) can you somehow make the "Failed to create CSI" dialog appear on top of the "Print pdf"dialog so at least it can be seen.



David - I've corrected this issue in version 2.0.3. You can download or update from the menu if you are running version 2.0.2.

a) Yes - I know exactly what was causing this message and failure. A test routing I overlooked removing before release - sorry  Blush
b) The operating system manages how windows are ordered. It is not a good practice to force an override. Moreover even if I provide the OS a hint to put a specific window on top, chances are the buttons will not function and so you'll have the even more annoying behavior of a window on top that you cannot close because the window's buttons have not been given precedence over the window's objects it is overriding. Anyway, the "Failed to create CSI" message should not normally appear. It was part of a validation routine. Usually if you click Alt+Tab you can see all open windows. You can use these key strokes if you are seeing behavior that appear to have windows hiding.

Hi Trevor,

thank you for version 2.0.3. Like Philo, I can confirm that the issue has been resolved and PDF generates successfully.

Regarding the dialog window (and perhaps it is moot for the moment given 2.0.3 addressed the issue). I think it is something to do with the mode that is specified for the LPub3D Print dialog. When I had the issue in 2.0.2, I did try using ALT+TAB to cycle to the dialog window under the LPub3D "Print pdf" dialog window but it would not bring the error window to the front. As an example (and refer to the attached screenshot), using version 2.0.3, I used ALT+TAB to switch to my browser once the LPub3D "Print pdf" dialog window was showing. I would have expected the LPub3D dialog window to have gone behind the browser window. Instead, although the browser window has the current focus, the greyed out LPub3D dialog window is displaying on top of the browser window.



David - I take your point. Indeed, I did set the modality of the progress bar dialog to block input to other windows. While I did not see a downside to this configuration, perhaps I did not look at enough scenarios. I'll try the next update of LPub3D with the progress bar dialog as nonmodal. 

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