Constraction part descriptions?

RE: Constraction part descriptions?
Quote:Arezey asked for a changed description of one of the recycled, official parts, 98577.
How many more parts should use the same word? Are all parts with the big ball+socket combination Constraction parts?
I want to change some of the parts using "ball" and "socket" in their descriptions; 50898, 89650, 89651, etc.
I'd reserve "Constraction" to the 2012-2016+ parts that clearly belong to the scheme described in LEGO drawing

Quote:Some of them, IMO are too thick; 60176, 61053, 61054, 64311
The cross section of a beam is allways rectangular (18x20 ldu). These all have a square cross section (20x20 ldu).
I want to rework them. Would that be OK?
OK for me, but is it really worth waisting time on this? These parts mostly work "as is"!

Quote:I'm working on more constraction parts. I now have about eight parts prepared, but don't know how to name them.
"Constraction Shells" or "Constraction Panels" + dimensions?
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