10174 UCS Imperial AT-ST [Star Wars]

RE: 10174 UCS Imperial AT-ST [Star Wars]
(2016-06-14, 9:36)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: I can feel your pain! a tricky one indeed, but you nailed it!

I am honored, but why not use the more convenient generator of LDCad?

Many thanks for your empathy and compassion!

It's just because I have not yet fully understood, respectively learned, how it works. So it was most quick and easy to do it the well known way.

I red the Advanced Editing page on http://www.melkert.net/LDCad/docs/advEdit and also watched the tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuuUlUH1kVY. But I still have troubles generating a rubber band in Ldcad: Adding a second circle (by selecting the cirlce and press ins) does not result in a single united rubber band but in 2 seperate ones. So it seems I'm missing the right procedure. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks.
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