parts authors

parts authors
I just noticed that in the forums some roles are displayed for some users, for example:

Orion Pobursky
Website Administrator Steering Committee Member
James Jessiman Memorial Award Recipient

That's nice, as it gives the readers and posters more context information of the poster.

However, I am missing that all part authors do not get such an attribute:
There should be an attribute "Part Author".

While adding this, I'd like to request a little cleanup. The attributes are not coherent currently:
some have a leading "", some don't. So for example one attribute reads
"Website Administrator", and not " Website Administrator",
and the other reads
" Steering Committee Member" and not "Steering Committee Member".

As everything which happens on this site automatically and impliticly is stuff,
it is not necessary to precede each Attribute with " ...".

So I suggest removing that prefix from all attributes.
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