[LICreator] - Bugs and Improvements

RE: [LICreator] - Bugs and Improvements
Thanks for your prompt reply.

I see. Then I will work on Win7.

Hmm, I am not sure if my explanation is sufficient or not on the lightning.
Let me put some pictures to explain my thought.

Here, I tried to set ambient and line width to 0.
It became very dark both on the top and sides.

[Image: qef77te.jpg]

And here is the photo (see below) which ambient is set in 100.
There is no apparent difference between the brightness of top and sides. (This is what I want)

[Image: 6A2CT9q.jpg]

But, if I change the color into white, light bluish gray, dark bluish gray in such setting, it became difficult to distinguish colors between 'light bluish gray' and 'white' on the top of the bricks.
Seems that it is too bright on the top, the color of light bluish gray brick is quite similar to that of white bricks (see red arrows).

[Image: o5dzlXM.jpg]

So, what I would like to ask is that is it possible to make the brightness the same on each brick?

Hope I won't bother you too much!

Thank you.
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