[LICreator] - Bugs and Improvements

RE: [LICreator] - Bugs and Improvements
LIG.LOG is uploaded on File Dropper
Here is the link: http://www.filedropper.com/lic

Here is the example:

1. I try to rotate the CSI by using Rotate CSI
2. Change Rotation pop out. Before entering any digit, the angle of the CSI remain intact.
3. In the example, I entered "90" in Y axis, the CSI did not rotate correspondingly. The CSI only rotated after I clicked OK. In old version, the CSI will show how it rotate before clicking OK. That's the reason why I said there is no preview. (Sorry for my bad English)

[Image: STEP.jpg]

Btw, I figured out another bug. Sometimes, when I remove a part from a callout, the part may just disappear in the CSI list, so I can't select that part anymore....
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