Save as does not save in LDCad 1.5?

RE: Save as does not save in LDCad 1.5?
(2016-05-31, 18:11)Jaco van der Molen Wrote: Hmm, it could be that I had saved a file without making changes.
Still, I was able to save a file (cannot remember if I made changes then) to My Documents/Google Drive which is in fact on drive C: too.
I am running Windows 7 on both machines I use (home/work) and need some more testing.

The drive doesn't matter, the location (folder) does.
As a user, you have more rights and permissions in the my documents folder (and Google Drive, which is in de my Documents folder) than you have in a folder in the root C directory.

I'd advise you to at least try and run LDCad as administrator (right mouse button -> run as administrator in unlikely case you didn't know) to know for sure if that's the problem or not  Smile
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