Any good LDraw viewer for Ubuntu 16.04?

LDView for Ubuntu 16.04?
(2016-07-12, 6:40)Peter Bartfai Wrote:
(2016-04-27, 17:29)Patricia Moya Nosquera Wrote: LDView doesn't run in new Ubuntu 16.04, is there an alternative viewer or a tick for install LDView?

New version 4.2 provides Ubuntu/Debian/Fedora/Centos/openSUSE packages.


You can also check on Opensuse Build Services:

Help, I can't seem to get LDView to work on Ubuntu 16.04 either. 

I'm working on my x11 LPub3D port and I'm able to render with Peter's ldglite1.3.1 package and 'povray3.7-stable' from github (using L3P1.4LinuxBeta). 

However, LDview 4.2, referenced above, is not successfully receiving my passed command line parameters - it's throwing a bunch of GL errors in the console (I'll post an update shortly).  

Peter's LDView 4.3 package is doing a bit better, but still throwing some console messages about the passed parameters, and rendering only the colour of the part in big squares. I'll prepare a short video of the behaviour shortly.

If I open a model file from the GUI, all seems to work well with both 4.2 and 4.3. The problem seems to be with accepting command line parameters.

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