Where can I download LDraw?

RE: Where can I download LDraw?
(2017-01-21, 4:36)bob mcpherson Wrote:
(2017-01-20, 17:04)Orion Pobursky Wrote: Right, ignore the .exe files.  Actually, I not sure why we still offer those since unzip capability has been built into windows for a while.

Anyway, maybe the instructions for Step 1 aren't clear but you want to download the "complete.zip".  That's the bottom link on the table.  Once you've downloaded that file, follow the rest of the instructions in Step 1. The library isn't a .dmg because it's not a program, it's a collection of files and .zip is cross platform.

Thank you for explaining that a little better...Sorry. I usually can figure these things out..call it a Brain-Fart.

Thanks again.

No problem.  Happy LDrawing.
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