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Orion Pobursky Wrote:Nope. That's an artifact of the conversion. I can fix that next time I run the conversion.

Plus you let the cat out of the bag. We will be allowing PMs for users who meet certain criteria (>10 posts and >3 days registered)
This is what I call The Improvement, many thanks for this!

However, this is another extreme: there are two independent systems and it is not even clear for users there are two of them: somewhere, you find a button "send an e-mail" and elsewhere "send PM". I do not understand the reason for these parallel systems. What about turning the e-mail function off and let users to set e-mail notifications if/when they want to? Everything private will be a PM then.

EDIT: Both can be achieved in your profile options: disable e-mail address and set PM notifications. I believe it makes sense to make this the default.

The e-mail notification footer says that only a notification about one PM is sent and then all others are discarded until you check forum via www interface. I do not find this convenient and I did not find the option to change this behavior to "send me all notifications". Is that possible?

And from the other end: the e-mail notification header has no e-mail address in "From" field. Only the forum name. It looks like it is simply not filled in the main admin configuration. Orion, may you check this, please?
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