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Re: [LDPartEditor] Some wishes...
Wishes of the day...
- It's very difficult (except with thickest edge lines, solution that causes other problems) to distinguish between edge lines and mesh lines. I suggest to make mesh lines another color (eg. blue, or better user configurable), and don't show them when they are overlapped by an edge line.
- Speaking of edge line thickness, I am not sure that using some real world line thickness is a good idea: when you zoom in on a tiny area, it becomes covered with fat lines... Fixed pixel sized lines (as used by MLCad and LDView) might be better. Granted, their drawback is almost opposite, unusable pictures when zoomed out too much. But since parts are generally relatively small, I find it tends to work better. Of course the best would be to have the choice between both modes Wink
- what about supporting drag and drop to open a file?
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