Rendering LDRAW Reloaded & MECABRICKS

Re: Rendering LDRAW Reloaded & MECABRICKS
Those are some very, very nice renders. I love 'm.

I'm wondering: what makes it that the Mecabricks parts-system is better for rendering (exporting) than LDraw? Or isn't it really the parts-system, but more the exporting tool that's just 'better' than LDraw based tools?

There was a lot of discussion a little while ago about updating the LDraw specification/system or even making a complete new LDraw parts-system. As usual (don't get me wrong everyone, I'm not angry, that's just a feeling I get from that discussion everytime Wink ) the discussion died and nothing ever came out of it (as far as I know). But what would make LDraw (in your opinion) better for the 'modern' 3d modelling world?
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