Re-centering model (in Bricksmith)

Re: Re-centering model (in Bricksmith)
Building models around the origin (especially for hinged features, as Tim mentions) is really useful. The first thing I add to every new model I build in Bricksmith is this simple little "XYZ axes" submodel:
0 FILE axes.ldr
2 4 -1000 0 0 1000 0 0
2 2 0 -1000 0 0 1000 0
2 1 0 0 -1000 0 0 1000
Then, while building, I insert a reference to these axes at the origin of every other submodel, so I can clearly see where the origin is. Then if you need to move things things to the origin you can select them (not including the axes) and drag or move them around.

Of course you can insert multiple instances as references for other important points, too - like guidelines in a CAD program.

(Hmm, incidentally I'm noticing some glitches in Bricksmith 2.5.1 when viewing this submodel pasted into a file. Only the endpoint "knobs" seem visible unless I save and reload the file. I'll try to determine more specifically what's going on.)
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