Hiding parts from the part list in LPUB

Re: Hiding parts from the part list in LPUB
Hi Jetro,

Very well.

Jetro de Cháteau Wrote:...it would be nice if all LDraw dependant programs offered to install by default to the Programs/LDraw/%appname% folder in the same way the AIOI does.
I agree with your suggestion here. I'll work with Willy to understand how I can detect automatically the AIOI install directory when updating LPub3D. LPub3D will automatically detect it's install parameters upon update if it was originally installed using a native distribution - i.e. a distribution from sourceforge.net.

Jetro de Cháteau Wrote:The same goes for the offer to download the parts library and unofficial parts.
This may not be appropriate for all.

LPub3D uses it's unofficial parts archive file (the one you are allowed to refresh from the LPub3D menu) to 'consolidate' part content from all search directories defined for LPub3D. The modified archive is then loaded into memory and cached to enable the 3D Viewer to correctly render models using parts from any of the defined search directories - i.e. custom libraries, parts, fade parts etc...

I don't think it would be prudent to store this archive in a shared location as it is modified and used in a proprietary manner by LPub3D. However, to avoid confusion, I may change the name of the archive once written to disk after refresh download.

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