Hiding parts from the part list in LPUB

Re: Hiding parts from the part list in LPUB
Hi Jetro,

In LPub3D there is also new functionality to substitute parts in the PLI/BOM. This functionality addresses precisely the second scenario you presented:

Jetro de Cháteau Wrote:Another issue is with the string. Rather than show a 41L string in the parts list (which makes it way to big) I would like to add an image of a curled up string to the parts list and a generated string (with bends etc.) in the model. I assume the procedure is similar...

Basically, if you already have a substitute part - let's say a shortcut for a PF motor with a nice rolled up cable and connector - then you can add the modeled part and substitute part in the substitute part list available in the Configuration menu under 'Edit BOM/PLI Substitute Part List.' Once added, LPub3D will use the substitute part for the BOM/PLI rendering.

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