OMR + TEXMAPped unofficial file = ???

RE: OMR + TEXMAPped unofficial file = ???
(2018-01-05, 20:54)Travis Cobbs Wrote: Reviving this thread, I have some suggested modifications. I don't think we should make this MPD-specific. Instead, I think we should add a new !DATA meta that requires a filename prior to the base64-encoded data. The decoded contents of the base64 data would then be treated as the specified file. (In theory, an ldr file could even be encoded and then referenced, but this would be strongly discouraged.)

Also, I think we should conform to e-mail-compatible base64 encoding, meaning that we should only have 76 encoded characters per line. Each line would begin with "0 !:" (like used in !TEXMAP itself). Something like:

0 !DATA BEGIN 19204p01.png
0 !:hhwNpKHIqmZ3VbPJ5qMr80bEOaYP2x/m7vbakTez7s10L2TFjYgT57EfbraWma1FzIy99tprr732

(Note that I only included the first 4 lines of the base64-encoded version of 19204p01.png.)

It would be illegal to have a !DATA statement between a !TEXMAP BEGIN and !TEXMAP END, or immediately following a !TEXMAP NEXT.

Travis, can you formalize this into a proposed change to the spec. I'd like to go this route or just change the OMR to state that an image download is required.
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